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Ultimate Inflatables Co., Ltd (UIC), one of the leading inflatable manufacturers in China, was founded in 2005. Since founded, UIC has been specializing in the innovative design, production and sale of inflatable products.

Holding lots of professional designers and skilled workers in the company, UIC has been endeavoring to improving its quality management and cherishing experience, leading the domestic market and laying a strong efforts upon international markets.

E.g. as a professional manufacture of inflatable products with professional level equipments for cutting and stitching, we strive to make the safest units for our customers. We apply 0.55mm (610g/m2) pvc tarpaulin on all our inflatable toys and interactive games, and apply 0.9mm (1150g/m2 ) or 0.6mm (650g/m2 ...

EN14960 Safety Standard and Authentic Certificate

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